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Muhugu Wood
Kisii Stone
Handmade Paper
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Muhugu animals Kenya has one of the world's fastest growing populations, creating severe unemployment. Kenya Crafts Cooperatives Union represents throusands of artisans who might otherwise be jobless without work as wood carvers.

Families usually specialize in one or two designs. Their workplace is often a patch of ground in a large outdoor workshop shaded by a thatch roof. Each item is carved freehand. That, plus variations in the grain and color of the muhugu (moo-hoo*-goo) wood, ensures that no two carvings are exactly alike.

Muhugu wood is a hardwood tree native to parts of East Africa. The carvings are treated with a hot wax finish; applying furniture wax or sprays keeps them at their best. Because humidity levels in North America are lower than in Kenya, carvings may develop hairline fractures and cracks. Repairs are best done with matching wood putty.

Mudcloth and muhugu animals

Some of our most popular products are:

Muhugu Wood and Kisii Stone from Kenya

Handmade Paper from Bangladesh

For more information about Kenya, check out KenyaWeb.

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