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View of John Howell Park


Partners & Sponsors

Design & Amenities

John Howell Park Project logo

John Howell Park Project
P.O. Box 8421 Station F
Atlanta, Georgia 30306
Tel. 404.222.VAHI

The John Howell Park Project

Park Partners

Three organizations, The Virginia Highland Civic Fund, Inc., The Living AIDS Memorial Park Project (an AIDS support organization), and Volleyball Atlanta (a metro-wide athletic organization) joined as partners with the City of Atlanta to create and preserve the John Howell Park to serve the whole community. The Virginia Highland Baptist Church graciously provided the Park Project with a home.

Each organization has shared in the planning, funding, and construction of the park. Oversight and review is provided by the City of Atlanta Parks Department, the City of Atlanta Urban Design Commission, the Virginia Highland Civic Association, and Neighborhood Planning Unit F.

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