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Wildwood Gardens Park
735 Wildwood Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30306


Morningside-Lenox Park

Surrounding Streets:

Wildwood Road, Wildwood Place

Hours of Operation:

Daylight Hours

Maintained by:

City of Atlanta Bureau of Parks (404.817.6744)


On-street parking

Park Description:

Despite its name, Wildwood Gardens Park cannot really be considered a garden or a park -- although the Wildwood part fits quite well. This is basically a wild, steep greenspace in the margin of land left over between two streets. It has no amenities and no path. It has no real recreational function, but does a very nice job of being a green buffer, giving the homeowners on the lots overlooking the park the opportunity to feel a bit of seclusion in the heart of the city.




The park is not really accessible to anyone but squirrels.


This is a wild greenspace that provides a visual buffer and a habitat for birds and other wildlife.


You might want to walk your dog around the edges of this park, but unless your pet is a mountain goat it's probably not going to want to romp around here. Regardless, remember Atlanta laws require dogowners to keep their dogs leashed and under their control while in City parks (or on the street), and to clean up after their dogs, so don't forget your baggie! +

Where is this park?

This park is located at 735 Wildwood Road NE in the Morningside-Lenox Park neighborhood of the City of Atlanta in Fulton County.
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Wildwood Gardens Park

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