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Welcome to John Howell ParkJohn Howell Park


Virginia-Highland (30306)
Map grids B-2/C-2

This park is maintained by:

John Howell Park Project
Volleyball Atlanta
City of Atlanta Parks Department
Dreamscape Designs

Overall Park Rating: +++- (superior)

This park is the result of a lot of work by various constituencies in the surrounding neighborhood, and as such is a shining example of how community groups can come together and create a better place to live. The park is of very recent vintage (1990s) and benefits from professional design, continuous maintenance, and the diligent oversight of the John Howell Park Project, a coalition of groups that support the park. Although it is relatively small, the park provides opportunities for active play (volleyball, frisbee, rollerblading) as well as relaxation and contemplation. Children and adults are well served by the park's design, although it is somewhat lacking in amenities for people with disabilities. The park is well-lit, well-travelled, and highly visible from Virginia Avenue, which borders the length of the park.

Amenities: +++- (superior)

New playscape, swings, toddler swings, benches/sitting areas, quiet areas, picnic table, open spaces, paths, volleyball courts

Accessibility Rating: +half-- (average)

There is a continuous concrete and brick pathway that extends the length of the park that allows for wheelchair access. Seating areas, water fountains and trash receptacles are located along this accessible pathway. The playscape is only marginally accessible for children or parents with motor disabilities (see below), and there are few, if any, recreational opportunities for individuals with motor disabilities. However, as simply a beautiful place to "get away" and just go and sit in a park, it's probably the easiest park to manuveur in the area because of the pathway.

Playscape: The Cunard Memorial Playground was recently built by the community and has not yet been reviewed by our editor. We will update this section in the near future.

Aesthetic Appeal: +++- (excellent)

This is an exceptionally attractive little neighborhood park. As a recent addition to the neighborhood (early 1990s), it has had the advantage of well-thought out planning and professional design. Additions and improvements continue to the present day and the ongoing maintenance of the park is ensured by the involvement of the John Howell Park Project, a coalition of neighborhood and local groups. The park benefits from significant plantings and a naturalistic design that includes sinewy pathways and alternating sunny open spaces and cozy, shaded sitting areas.

Pet Appeal: ++half- (above average)

As with all City of Atlanta parks, it is illegal to allow your dog to be unleashed while in the park. Dog owners are also required to clean up their dog's waste, so don't forget your baggie! + That said, this is a great park with a large open space and a nice pathway that might encourage dogowners to take their furry friends for a walk and a mingle. With the length of the park bordering busy Virginia Avenue, however, it's doubly important (not to mention the law) that dogs not be allowed to roam free in the park.

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