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Wesley Coan Park

Wesley Coan Park


Kirkwood (30317) located on Hosea L. Williams Drive SE between Anniston Ave. and Woodbine Ave.

Maintained by:

City of Atlanta Bureau of Parks (404.817.6744)

Stage Amenities: +++-

Recreation center; baseball/softball field; multi-use field; basketball court; tennis courts; picnic pavillions; stage/amphitheatre (interactive musical feature); greenspace

Accessibility Rating: +++-

The core of this park is accessible to individuals in wheelchairs. Designated parking spaces and a ramp provide accessibility to the picnic pavillions as well as the courts. There are paved walkways to and from most amenities, including the outdoor stage area.

Picnic PavillionsAesthetic Appeal: +++/--

This park provides a lot of functionality in a pleasant design. A large, wooded greenspace partially screens the view of the busy street and Coan Middle School, located directly across the street. The picnic pavillions are quite striking, although the expansive concrete floor beneath them, as well as the area around the stage appear to be an irresistable canvas for kids intent on graffiti.

Pet Appeal: +++-

The large greenspace near the street would be an excellent place to walk your dog, but remember that dogs must remain leashed while in the park, and dog owners are required to clean up their pet's waste, so don't forget your baggie! +

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