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What's it like to drive in Atlanta?
The Atlanta Roadways Digest ( provides a satirical look at the challenges of driving in Atlanta. Take a look that their "Basic Rules for Driving in Metro Atlanta" at

Atlanta Traffic Court
Get directions; find out fines; and see the answers to frequently asked questions at

Taking a cab in Atlanta is a fairly harrowing experience. Unlike other major cities, you cannot expect to flag down a cab anywhere in town (even in the heart of the central business district). You will be able to find a cab at any major downtown hotel or at the airport. Other than that, you will have to call to be picked up. Consider bringing your own map if you are going anywhere other than another major downtown hotel or the airport (or maybe one of the large shopping malls). And be forewarned, many of Atlanta's cabbies have relatively poor English language skills.

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Atlanta Driving FAQs

Getting a Driver's License:

Motor Vehicle Registration:

Emissions Testing:

The vast majority of cars located in the greater metro Atlanta region must undergo an annual emissions test and the test must be passed before you can renew your tag. To find out more about the program, use the links below.

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