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Little Five Points
Little Five Points, little 5 points, L5P, l5p

Little 5 Points

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Little Five Points (or L5P) has been the intown epicenter of all things alternative for many years. This is a thriving business district with a wide array of shops and services. From futons to frisbees and crystals to organic produce, you'll find it here. In addition to retail shops, there are a number of service businesses in the district (including competing tattoo parlors). There are several restaurants, coffee shops, and pubs scattered throughout as well. Little 5 Points is also the home of the 7 Stages Theatre and Variety Playhouse, two excellent arts venues.

Parking is easier here than in some intown shopping districts but can still be tricky, particularly in the evenings. There are parking lots in front of several blocks of buildings in the district, and these are free during the day, but are intended only for patrons of the businesses on which the parking fronts. There is also a large pay lot accessible from Euclid Avenue. On-street parking is available throughout much of the area, but be careful to observe and obey the street signs so your car doesn't get towed or booted.

This area is not particularly well served by MARTA bus routes. Only the #3 (Auburn Ave./MLK Jr. Dr.) bus actually passes through, but the area is only a few blocks from the Inman Park/Reynoldstown MARTA rail station (go south on Moreland to DeKalb Avenue and turn right), so it's not that much of an issue. There are also routes that pass within a few blocks of L5P, including: the #6 (Emory), which comes down Moreland (Briarcliff) from the Emory area and turns on North Avenue (north of L5P) before ending up at the Edgewood/Candler Park station; the #2 (Ponce de Leon), which traverses Ponce de Leon Avenue (several blocks north of L5P).

Driving Directions:

Little Five Points is located at the point where Moreland Avenue, McLendon Avenue, and Euclid Avenue meet.

Merchant Directory:

  1. Oxford Cleaners

  2. Dry Cleaner
    Eye, Etc.
    Little 5 Points Pharmacy & Video
    Savage Pizza
    Aurora Coffee
    Criminal Records
    Junkman's Daughter
    Little Five Points Package Store

  3. Vortex
    Wax 'n Facts
    Psycho Sisters
    Bill Hallman Flaunt
    Clothing Warehouse

  4. Zone 6 Mini Police Precinct
    Little 5 Points Pizza
    Village Coffee House
    Little 5 Points Corner Tavern
    Crystal Blue
    Pink Flamingoes
    Identified Flying Objects
    Holy Mother Tattoo
    Lucky Devil
    Mangrove Alley
    Soul Kiss
    Kloud 9
    Miro's Garden
    Rene Rene
    Euclid Avenue Yacht Club

  5. Sweet Lime
    Lion Tribe

  6. Starting from Moreland:

    Headlines Hair Salon
    Classic Soles

    Tea Space (in alley)
    A Cappella Books
    Olmeca Arts
    Cherry Bomb
    Outback Bikes
    The Five Spot

    Arden's Garden
    Home Store Futon Gallery

    Sweet Potato Pie
    7 Stages Theatre
    Olive Bistro
    Variety Playhouse

    4 Corners Market

    Wilson's Automotive

  7. Chevron

  8. Paper Chase
    Little Five Points Coin Laundry & Dry Cleaners
    Tijuana Garage
    Front Page News

  9. H&G Furniture Restoration
    Brewhouse Cafe

  10. Charis Books

  11. Camden Street
    Native American Handcrafts
    Satellite Records
    Doctor's Offices
    B.O.N.D. Community Federal Credit Union
    Star Bar
    42 Degrees South
    Planet Bombay
    Sweetgrass Salon & Day Spa
    Sacred Heart Tattoo

Little Five Points, little 5 points, L5P, l5p

Little Five Points, little 5 points, L5P, l5p

Little Five Points, little 5 points, L5P, l5p

Updated: 03.05.2005

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